Anna Szeles Biografie

Anna Szeles Biografie
Anna Szeles Biografie

Anna Szeles Biografie: Romanian-born actress Anna Széles (born August 24, 1942 in Oradea, Kingdom of Hungary) moved to Hungary in 1989. He earned a degree from the Academy of Theater and Film in Târgu Mureș and began working at the Hungarian State Theater in Cluj in 1965. In 1985, she and her husband, Florin Piersic, split up.

Irén Bányai, Endre Botár, Ildikó Fülöp, Imre Higyed, István Krausz (Kuti), Szidónia Krizsovánszky, Lvia Madár (Gingilescu), Pál Mihály, Dezs Nagy, Magda Stief, Katalin Vásárhelyi, and András Vitályos all [2] After completing her education, she was sent to the Cluj State Theatre (Teatrul Maghiar de Stat).

Anna Szeles Biografie: Schule, Leben und Beruf

From 1961 to 1965, Széles studied at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Târgu Mures. After graduation, he performed in the Hungarian State Theater in Cluj. In 1962, she made her acting debut in the pioneering Romanian widescreen colour picture La vârsta dragostei. She married her co-star in the film, Florin Piersic, in 1975, and they had two children together before divorcing in 1985.

Her 1965 war play The Forest of the Hanged was a smashing hit. She was awarded best actress at the National Film Festival of Mamaia for her performance as Ilona. The Hungarian film industry began paying attention to her in 1968. Her debut came with the 1971 picture Agnus dei directed by Miklós Jancsó.

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The same year, she received the Romanian Order of Merit for Culture. In 1989, Széles uprooted his life and settled in his adopted home of Hungary. After that, she began performing regularly at Budapest’s Thália Theatre. She studied ballet and the piano as a kid. In 1960, he completed his education at Oradea’s Number Four High School.

Because of her inexperience and frailty, she did not pass the first audition for the Theater and Film Academy. She puts in a full year on the job and then has phenomenal first-year results. In her first year, she gained enough attention to land a role in the film Vacanta la mare. While filming “The Elixir of Youth” (1963), she met Florin Piersic the following year, at age 23; however, it took them only 7 years to fall in love and get married.

Anna Szeles Biografie

At the time, 38-year-old Florin Piersic had recently divorced from Tatiana Iekel, another great actress with whom he shares a son named Florin. She lived and played in Cluj while he became famous playing and filming in Bucharest, but they remained together for another five years after their divorce.

Her parents pass away in 1989, and after he takes care of their son, Daniel, he moves to Hungary with her to pursue his artistic career. At 69 years old, she is still one of Hungary’s most well-known actresses, regularly appearing in both films and commercials. She is now a grandma, but she freely confesses that if she had to do it all over again, she would still go into the arts.


Class IV of the Romanian Order of Cultural Merit was bestowed to her in 1971 “for particular qualities in the task of establishing socialism,” on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Romanian Communist Party.

Anna Szeles Biografie
Anna Szeles Biografie

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