Joel Wicki Freundin

Joel Wicki Freundin
Joel Wicki Freundin

Joel Wicki Freundin: When he first arrived on our planet, life was rough. All obstacles were overcome, however, and Lucerne’s Joel Wicki was named Pratteln’s new wrestling champion. We sell out for the worst of the worst.

On the penultimate night of the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival in Pratteln, 25-year-old Joel Wicki overcame his Bern opponent, Matthias Aeschbacher, in a thrilling match that lasted 13 minutes. Even though he felt “totally empty” on the inside, he was determined to succeed.

I didn’t want to lose my mind,” Wicki admits in his first interview after his biggest accomplishment.I need to know the identity of the Entlebuch nasty man who hails from Sörenberg. Here are some information we gathered about Joel Wicki. Joel Wicki is not one of the larger wrestlers in terms of size.

Actually, he’s rather little for a man, standing only 1.81 meters tall and weighing just 107 kilos. Finalist opponent Matthias Aeschbacher is 1.91 meters tall and clocks in at 120 kg. Christian Stucki, the 2019 Wrestling King, towers above Wicki with his towering stature of 1.98 meters and hefty weight of roughly 140 kg.

However, Joel Wicki does not consider his average height to be a problem. He even admits as much in “Blick,” “I wouldn’t be much better if I were taller and heavier. In fact, I am certain that it would be less effective. I would be the weaker of the two opponents in a duel And the leverage would be so different that I’d be at a higher risk of injury to my knees and spinal discs.

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If you go back far enough, you may be surprised by how far Joel Wicki has come considering how sick the wrestling champ was as a kid. While attending kindergarten, Joel was exposed to a sneaky virus. “He was in the hospital for weeks, and he had to take the toughest medications,” Esthi said to the Blick tabloid.

Wicki, however, bounced back swiftly and went on to win the young wrestler’s wreath (Zweili) in his very first wrestling tournament. Shortly after, he visited the Emmental town of Schafhausen to celebrate his first festival win.

The new wrestling champion credits one of his closest friends and training partner, Coach Dani Hüsler, for much of his resilience. Joel Wicki does not want for her identity to be made public. He just responds, “It is your intention to stay unknown,” when asked about the “appearance.”

Joel Wicki mentions friends, hunting, fishing, and farming as his interests on his fan page, suggesting that his social circle is important to him.Together, Joel Wicki and his girlfriend share more than just their lives at home and in bed; they also have plans to start working together.

The experienced mechanic for construction equipment is presently finishing his training as a farmer, and he and his partner want to take over a farm in the near future. His mystery lady friend is said to sometimes provide a hand by plowing fields or driving the tractor.

For Joel Wicki, “the only way to know whether something works is to test it out,” is the guiding principle behind his website. As the race came down to the wire in Pratteln, he gave it his all and came out on top. After his success, he responded modestly, saying, “Everyone understands that sometimes it’s not a question of course.”

Perhaps the two amulets he carried also had a role. Wicki’s clubmate Benno Studer was shot and murdered in Menznau nine years ago, and as a token of his appreciation, Wicki keeps a deer tooth in his wallet as a talisman.

Joel Wicki Freundin

When it comes down to it, Joel Wicki plays sports for the sheer enjoyment of it. His website proclaims, “Since I was a kid, wrestling has represented friendship, competitiveness, fairness, and, most of all, joy.” There, he also mentions his preferred dish—entrcôte with croquettes—which, following his enormous victory in Pratteln, should be delivered to him without delay.

After his ESAF victory, Joel Wicki said his king was physically fatigued on the final walk. His pride would not let him accept defeat.I mean, what kind of performance was that, what type of strength was Joel Wicki able to mobilize again after roughly twelve minutes of the last walk?

Once he won his second match against Matthias Aeschbacher on Sunday, he would be considered the undisputed champion of the wrestling world. “I couldn’t believe I was able to rescue myself many times in the home stretch against such massive forces.

The 25-year-old self-reflectively reflected on SRF: »Mentally, I was in a pretty good mood.Their last stroll together was as tense as could be expected from such a pairing. Wicki was confused as to how they maintained such a high level of momentum throughout such a swing.

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The Lucerne native “nearly vomited once, but my mind wouldn’t let it, told me I couldn’t lose like that,” attests to his extreme exhaustion. Soon after, the 55-time wrestler had the biggest triumph of his career. He was at a loss for words, saying only, “That’s a great feeling for me.”

But Wicki knew, and he proclaimed it over the mike right after the fight: “Amajor childhood goal has come true, I never believed it would, particularly with this rough background. Only because I had such a fantastic and inspiring staff was it ever feasible.

He said he would not have been able to enjoy this victory without the support of the central Swiss delegation, his supporters, his family, and his girlfriend. “I take my hat off to Aeschbacher, he had two excellent days, it’s really tough to swing against him,” Wicki said after defeating the “very talented wrestler.”

They are close friends, often finish military training courses together, and sometimes even share a room, so he would have really hoped for his success.With Aeschbacher, Wicki faced an opponent he had met before at the Schwingfest; three years earlier in Zug, he had faced Christian Stucki, and, as before, Wicki had to leave the field empty-handed. I didn’t give much thought to the 2019 ESAF. Having confidence in my own fitness and health was a given for me.

Joel Wicki Freundin
Joel Wicki Freundin

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