Katharina Damm Alter

Katharina Damm Alter: An all-in-one supermodel, YouTuber, and social media star. A well-known model and social media sensation, 17-year-old Anna Maria made her mark in the field of social media at an early age. Anna Maria, on the other hand, is thriving both professionally and romantically. To her, having a daughter is the icing on the cake.

Katharina Damm Alter
Katharina Damm Alter

Family, age, and siblings are all aspects of Anna’s existence.

She was born on April 11th, 1996, in Neuenbürg, Baden-Würtemberg as Anna Maria Damm. Anna Maria, her Filipino mother, her German father, and her elder sister Katharina (* 05. September 1994) went to the Philippines at the request of her father when she was only three years old. Six years later, Anna Maria’s parents split, and her mother and kids returned to Germany.

In the Philippines, Anna Maria and Katharina visit their relatives on a regular basis, and they even help to assist them financially since they live in such dire straits there. Anna Maria has four half-siblings in addition to her sister Katharina.

What is the recommended GNTM sizing?

The casting programme Germany’s Next Topmodel’s ninth season included a 17-year-old Anna Maria as a contestant. The fifth-place finisher was a 176 cm tall model. Although she didn’t win the season, her social media presence helped her gain a new audience and gain a footing in the industry.
Ten GNTM Revelations
As a former contestant on Germany’s Next Topmodel, Anna Maria Damm is intimately familiar with the inner workings of the show’s production team. For the benefit of her followers, she’s compiled a list of 10 obvious facts regarding GNTM in the video. YouTube and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms.

When Anna Maria appeared on Germany’s Next Topmodel, she had no idea that it would open the door to the world of influencers. Because the young model attracted a lot of attention so soon. After she began making images and films, she learned how much fun it was to do so.

Katharina Damm Alter
Katharina Damm Alter


Anna Maria maintains not one, but two channels on the video-sharing website. Anna Maria Damm’s private YouTube channel presently has more than 700,000 followers. Here, Anna showcases her favourite products, reveals her grooming procedures, or just answers questions from her adoring audience.

Anna Maria and her sister Katharina run the “Ankat” YouTube channel, which has more than 520,000 followers. While on the road, they film a slew of vlogs for their followers to enjoy. There is a strong sense of intimacy between the sisters.


With over 1.3 million followers, Anna Maria Damm is one of the most popular Instagram users. Daily, Anna Maria publishes fresh images of herself along with some carefully chosen goods, cementing her status as a legitimate influencer. In addition, she updates her Instagram storey often, ensuring that her followers are always up to speed. As a singer and actor, Anna Maria is well-known.

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Anna Maria isn’t only a model, she’s also an actor and a singer, and her admirers may not realise this. Bibi & Tina: Voll verhext! is a feature film. Anna portrayed Vampirella in the film (2014). The model’s first song, Too lost in you, was published in August of that year.

The music video for Anna’s song has been released.

It is a cover of the Sugarbabes song “Too Lost in You” on Anna’s first single (2003). This is the official music video for the song, which you can see below. They were both on cloud nine.Anna Maria Damm and Julian initially appeared in a YouTube video together two years ago.

They appear together often in front of the camera. It wasn’t love at first sight for the two lovers. Since 11th grade, they’ve been friends. That they were able to see one other in a new light and discover each other like this makes us all the more pleased for them.

After the birth of a child,

On December 30, 2017, Anna Maria revealed her pregnancy through Instagram. Anna and Julian’s faces were covered with expectation. Eliana’s birth on June 7th, 2018, was even more delightful for her parents. Because of their young age, the model and her boyfriend had to deal with some nasty remarks and taunts. Even so, they won’t be deterred.

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She is a German vlogger and fashion expert known for her YouTube channel. As of this writing, there are more than 280,000 subscribers and the channel posts everything from tag and vlog videos to tutorials on how to apply makeup.
Preceding Katharina Damm’s renown, Prior to the launch of her YouTube channel and Twitter account in 2014, she started posting photos to Instagram in April 2012.

Katharina Damm Alter
Katharina Damm Alter

Kate Damm’s accomplishments

Two of her most popular YouTube videos are “EXPECTATION vs REALITY – ABIBALL with Anna and Ischtar” and “Mein Freund!”.

A look at the life of Katharina Damm’s family

It’s no secret that Anna Maria [YouTube Star] is her younger sister. Films made with each other commonly appear on the other’s channels.

Katharina Damm’s friends and associates

In November 2014, she and fellow German YouTube star Maren Merkel[YouTube Star] took part in the Backwards Challenge.

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