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Kleine Zeitung Traueranzeige

Kleine Zeitung Traueranzeige

Kleine Zeitung Traueranzeige
Kleine Zeitung Traueranzeige

Kleine Zeitung Traueranzeige: The task of breaking the news of a death in the family is a heavy one. Friends, family, and acquaintances might learn of the tragic loss through an obituary. Find here all the fatalities and deaths that have occurred in the Austrian region of Salzburg.

Former Bregenz cultural director Wolfgang Fetz passed suddenly nine days ago. On Friday, the community gathered to say their final goodbyes. The art historian and curator was celebrated for his keen intellect, impeccable scholarship, and devoted dedication to Bregenz throughout the burial rituals.

Wolfgang Fetz spent over three decades working in Bregenz’s cultural department, where he promoted and challenged art and city residents. As a result of his efforts, the “Bregenz Masters Concerts” and the “Bregenz Spring” dance festival are now regarded as two of the most important cultural events in the area.

In fact, many people went from far and wide to see the shows at the Bregenzer Kunstverein in Magazin 4, which Wolfgang Fetz helped build.Dispute-seeking and a need for verbal exchange The Italo Calvino–inspired curatorial experiment “six memoranda for the next…” was one of Magazin 4’s final big undertakings.

Fetz and others collaborated in this exhibition, and curator Jörg van den Berg says, “Yes, there is Fetzsche’s life’s work. Only a little portion of it was assigned to me, but I ended up benefiting much from my involvement. Wolfgang’s enormous enthusiasm for the varied aspects of high culture; his trust in and faith in our work,

His penchant for argument and his interest in exploring the intersections between art, culture, and society in the present day. What Wolfgang Fetz made feasible or even allowed in Magazin 4 alone throughout the decades cannot be praised highly enough in retrospect.The fourth issue of Magazine was dedicated to further exploration.

Time and time again, he gave Bregenz the world (of cutting-edge art) in this space.Wolfgang Fetz’s ability to inspire those around him and interest them in discussions about art, literature, philosophy, and food was on full display during his burial on Friday.

Working with Wolfgang was a mental challenge and an enriching experience since he was a highly educated, dedicated, and moral man. Bregenz would be much more culturally depressed and backwards without his efforts. He was harmed in Bregenz, though, and this caused him to withdraw farther and further from local culture.

Kleine Zeitung Traueranzeige

It’s a mandate for the generations to come Director of the “Bregenzer Frühling” festival staple action theater group Martin Gruber reflects on the loss of Wolfgang Fetz: “His passion of art and his razor-sharp vision differentiated him.” That’s a really harsh assessment of the arts in general.

The “pioneering curatorial work” of Wolfgang Fetz is what Gruber would want to see as a “commission for future generations,” according to Gruber. There haven’t been many artists like Wolfgang Fetz in recent history. We see trench warfare in the cultural landscape all the time, and it’s usually not even about the art. One could see that Wolfgang was unique.

There are obviously always dependents, but Wolfgang found himself in a more marginalized situation because he wasn’t everyone’s favourite.Without Wolfgang Fetz, Bregenz would be a weaker city, both in terms of spirit and cultural vitality.

The sudden passing of National Hockey League goaltender Matiss Kivlenieks earlier this month sent shockwaves through the sports world. It has just come to light that the 24-year-old was training to become a lifeguard at the time of his untimely death.

The goodbye was quite heartfelt. His best friend and fellow Columbus Blue Jackets goalkeeper Elvis Merzlikins offered a heartfelt eulogy at the funeral, declaring, “He died a hero!”On July 4th, an accident claimed the life of the goaltender for the Latvian ice hockey team. At a private celebration of US National Day, the fireworks failed to go off as planned.

According to the Michigan medical examiner, Kivlenieks died of blunt force injuries to the chest.I was close behind him—only a few meters—when it happened. Merzlikins said, “I hugged my wife” with tears in his eyes as he recounted the dramatic events. His voice waved repeatedly.

He helped me preserve my family, including my son and my wife. He was the one who ultimately rescued me. Aleksandra, his wife, is eight months along. It will be a boy for the happy couple. Merzlinkis, who is heartbroken by the death of his closest buddy, has declared that Matiss will be his middle name.

Kleine Zeitung Traueranzeige
Kleine Zeitung Traueranzeige

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