Liz Golyar Wikipedia

Liz Golyar Wikipedia
Liz Golyar Wikipedia

Liz Golyar Wikipedia: Shanna “Liz” Golyar was given a life sentence plus 18 to 20 years in jail for the 2012 murder of her ex-Cari girlfriend’s boyfriend’s Farver. On the sixth episode of Season 13 of Deadly Women, “Fatal Fixation.”

Liz, a 35-year-old party girl in search of a boyfriend, slept with “Dave,” a 35-year-old single father in 2012. His quest for sexual pleasure and not being held down by any type of commitment made Dave a free man. Liz was motivated to seek a long-term relationship with Dave after falling in love with him.

Until Dave met Cari Lea Farver, a 37-year-old swinger, and fell in love with her despite her intentions to remain unmarried, he was pleased to be alone. Dave was still considering Liz and Cari, but he made it clear that he preferred Cari. Afraid of Cari’s success, Liz initiated a campaign of monitoring and harassment.

The strange text messages began in November 2012, when Cari quit her job and told Dave she loathed him and never wanted to see him again. Liz said that Cari had harassed her as well. Cari is said to have broken into Dave’s house. Afterward, Liz was wounded by a gunshot to the leg and blamed Cari for the attack on her friend.

Police were concerned when they couldn’t find any indication of a shooter. Cari Farver vanished without a trace, further obscuring the situation. Liz said she received text messages from a phantom attacker who claimed to have killed Cari and was threatening her. Liz sent and wrote all of the text messages found on her phone by the authorities. Cari Farver and a “attacker” were the two people Liz had been pretending to be online.

Four years after Cari vanished, the truth finally emerged. Liz kidnapped Cari on November 13, 2012, after a robbery and armed robbery at Cari’s house. By Liz’s actions, Cari was repeatedly stabbed in the stomach and chest and then left the scene.

Liz Golyar Wikipedia
Liz Golyar Wikipedia

According to her narrative, the dismembered remains were then disposed of in rubbish bags in several locations. Despite the lack of any other evidence, such as a murder weapon, police were able to charge Liz with the murder of Cari Lea Farver because of a photograph from Liz’s phone showing the victim’s severed foot.

First and second degree murder and arson were charges against Liz Golyar when she was found guilty last year. She was sentenced to 18 to 20 years in jail after being found guilty of murder and arson. As previously reported by PEOPLE, a Nebraska woman convicted of the murder of another woman who was seeing the same guy was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday.

For the November 2012 murder of Cari Farver, 37, Shanna Golyar of Omaha, Nebraska, was sentenced to life in prison without parole on Tuesday. Authorities suspect Golyar stabbed Farver to death in November 2012 after she left the residence of a guy Golyar was seeing at the time, according to court records acquired by PEOPLE. The unusual case took years to unravel and is still not clear.

Golyar used her phone to send phoney emails and messages to Farver’s family and friends after the murder, court papers say. A Facebook account claiming to be Farver was also set up by Golyar to attempt to persuade the deceased woman’s family that she had left Nebraska. On the 18th of May 2013, a post stated, “I’m not missing.” At this point, “I’m simply not in the mood to return home.”

Liz Golyar Wikipedia

“What some individuals are capable of has always surprised and baffled this court,” remarked Douglas County District Judge Timothy Burns, according to the Omaha World-Herald. A “twisted scheme of falsehoods, deception, and impersonations via digital communications” has been going on for years, according to Golyar.

According to Burns, the corpse of Farver, who has never been located, “did not willingly vanish.” Tragically, she was assassinated. Interested in staying up to date on the newest crime reporting? Subscribe to the True Crime Newsletter to stay up to date on breaking crime stories, current trials, and interesting unsolved cases.

In May, Golyar was found guilty of first-degree murder and second-degree arson, and sentenced to life in prison. The court also sentenced Golyar to 18 to 20 years in prison for arson, for deliberately setting fire to her own house in August 2013 in an effort to frame Farver and make it seem as if she was still alive, which prosecutors had said she had done in an attempt to frame Farver.

According to the World-Herald, Golyar’s public lawyer petitioned the court to allow the arson term to run concurrently with the life sentence, but the judge refused. Local TV station WOWT says that the 237 days she has already served in prison will count toward her sentence.

Mother of Farver says she is still sad that her daughter’s remains have not been located despite the family’s embrace after the sentence. In an interview with the World-Herald, Raney said, “We’d still want to know precisely what occurred and where my daughter ended up so we could take care of her.”

Liz Golyar Wikipedia
Liz Golyar Wikipedia

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