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Noemi Bocchi Wikipedia

Noemi Bocchi Wikipedia

Noemi Bocchi Wikipedia: Francesco Totti’s ex-wife, Noemi Bocchi, a degree in economics with two children and a penchant for padel, is said to be dating her. However, Noemi is the first lady to be seen in close proximity to Francesco Totti since Ilary Blasi.

Noemi Bocchi Wikipedia
Noemi Bocchi Wikipedia

Born in Rome 34 years ago and educated at the Giovanni Falcone Comprehensive Institute in Talenti before graduating from Rome’s Lumsa University with a degree in Business and Banking Economics.

Reports claim that Ilary Blasi, Francesco Totti’s estranged wife, sent a message on social media announcing that she and Totti had split. According to her, they’ve been married for 17 years and have three children as a result of their union.

People in Rome are saddened by the couple’s split since they were regarded as one of the city’s most perfect. Due of Totti’s friendship with Bocchi, Totti severed contact with his wife.

A little about myself — Noemi was born in Rome, Italy, in 1988, according to several accounts. We’ve done a lot of research, but we haven’t been able to determine her actual birth date. Nothing about her personal life was ever revealed publicly on her social media accounts. Her current age is 34. (as of 2022).

In addition, she received her education at a well-known local school. LUMSA private university in Rome, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business and finance, is where she reportedly studied, according to the sources.

Noemi Bocchi chooses to keep her personal life out of the public eye for many reasons. You can’t discover any family photos on her social media profiles. We tried searching for them. In addition, her father and mother’s names and other personal information are now concealed.

Sources say she is white and adheres to the Christian faith, based on her ethnicity. She is an Italian citizen since she was born there. Additionally, she opted to keep her siblings’ names out of the public eye for the time being.

Please be aware that there is very little information on Bocchi’s private life that we can get. Divorced, she’s a single mom. He is an entrepreneur and the owner of Tivoli, a lower-league Roman football team. A boy and a girl are the couple’s two children.

Noemi Bocchi Wikipedia
Noemi Bocchi Wikipedia

It’s not known what her children’s names are. Their marriage ended after a long period of time, and they chose to divorce. Francesco Totti, a well-known athlete, is now Noemi’s boyfriend. It’s not known how long they’ve been together.

Bocchi hasn’t stated what she does for a living either. She is said to have worked at a variety of locations after graduating from college in order to earn a living. Her current job title is “florist designer” at a private boutique, according to the sources.

Not to mention, she has some modelling experience, as seen by the photos that she has posted on her personal social media pages. Francesco Totti, on the other hand, is a well-known Italian footballer who has represented his country at both the national and international levels. he is a forward for the squad he plays for.

The girlfriend of Francesco Totti is living a quiet and wonderful life. At home she spends much of her time caring for her two young sons. In addition, she receives money from her job as a florist, among other sources. On the other hand, the net worth of Noemi Bocchi is estimated to be anywhere between $70 and $90 million (approx).

She was married to Mario Caucci, Tivoli’s Team Manager and CEO of Caucci Marble, with whom she had two children, a boy and a girl, aged eight and eleven, respectively.

Unsurprisingly, Mario Caucci is a fan of the Roma football team. Despite being married since 2011, Noemi Bocchi and Mario Caucci are no longer seen together in public since at least 2018, and the exact date of their breakup remains a mystery. Padel is a favourite sport of Noemi’s, and it is via Padel that she met Francesco Totti.

According to an interview with “Il Messaggero,” Mario Caucci and Noemi are still legally married despite their recent separation. In fact, the couple has yet to come to terms with getting a divorce. Caucci, on the other hand, admits that he is unaware of any contact between his wife and Totti and that he was astonished to learn of the rumour.

When Francesco Totti was flirting with his ex-wife, he made it clear to Noemi Bocchi that he knew what lurks behind her excellent looks and that he would not envy him in this situation.

There have been several sightings of Francesco Totti and Noemi, including at the Torrino restaurant, the Roma match, and a party at Colle Oppio.

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