Robert Berchtold Wikipedia

Robert Berchtold Wikipedia
Robert Berchtold Wikipedia

Robert Berchtold Wikipedia: Peacock’s true-crime tale “A Friend of the Family” has Robert Berchtold as the antagonist. Few supervillains can compare to Berchtold.

Robert Berchtold Wiki

He began hanging out with the Brobergs in the early ’70s with the express goal of sexually assaulting Jan, then nine years old. Over the course of the following decade, Berchtold drugged and sexually raped Jan hundreds of times while also repeatedly kidnapping her and convincing her that she and Bob were the only two individuals who could rescue the world (brainwashing).

Then, when she became 16, he gave up on her and their purpose since, in his mind, she was no longer a child. The Brobergs reported Berchtold to the FBI, but they kept reengaging with him, enabling him to continue the cycle of abuse he had begun with their kid.

The programme claims that he kidnapped Jan Broberg, an actress and novelist whose tale was converted into a book, twice while she was a minor. A documentary on Broberg’s experience of being manipulated and groomed was previously available on Netflix. Jan Broberg Felt is an alias she uses sometimes.

This is a true tale. Some viewers may now be wondering what became to Robert Berchtold. What’s become of him?

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Robert Berchtold Death

In 2005, at the age of 69, Berchtold passed away. A 2005 obituary states that truck driver Berchtold passed away.

That’s what Robert Berchtold’s obituary says.

On November 11, 2005, Robert Ersol Berchtold, 69, passed away. During the Vietnam War, he drove a truck for the United States Army. His mother Lucille and wife Deanna, as well as sons Jerry, James, Joseph, and Jeff, daughter Jill Scott, and grandson Jeff, all outlived him. Visitation will be held in the Logandale LDS 2nd Ward Chapel on Tuesday, November 15, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., followed by funeral services. Gilles Funeral Chapel in Brigham City, Utah will be open for visits on Thursday, November 17 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am, with funeral services to follow.

Berchtold, before he died, disputed several of Broberg’s statements and got into a strange altercation with motorcyclists who were attempting to defend her. ABC News reported on the matter in 2004, when Broberg published a book about the abductions. The report said that Berchtold had attended a women’s conference that Broberg and her mother had organised.

Robert Berchtold Family

Abducted in Plain Sight (2017), A Friend of the Family (2022), and Maniac (2012) are only some of the films in which she has appeared or written scripts, as the site informs us. After her marriage to Larry Felt, Broberg began going by the name “Jan Broberg Felt,” as reported by Conan Daily.

He explained his presence there to ABC News by saying he wanted to meet with “members of an organisation called Bikers Against Child Abuse.” However, ABC stated that he was charged with “simple assault, criminal trespassing, and disorderly behaviour” after he was accused of assaulting a motorcyclist with his minivan.

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According to ABC, he refuted the claims. “While Berchtold acknowledges having a connection with Felt, he insists it was not sexual in nature. He denied trying to brainwash her and claims UFOs were never a topic of conversation. The motive, according to Berchtold’s comments on, is financial. When did Berchtold disappear? It seems that he has passed away.

The play is based on the true incident of Broberg’s abduction and manipulation by a family friend called Robert “B” Berchtold. Reveille claims that in 1972, the Brobergs and the Berchtolds met at church and the two families became great friends. Broberg was 12 years old at the time.

Robert Berchtold Wikipedia

Conan Daily claims that in 1974, Berchtold, then 40 years old, abducted Jan and “brainwashed and mistreated her for five weeks in Mexico.” According to the site, he was caught and spent 10 days in prison before the parents restored communication and he took her again when she was 14 years old, claiming she was his daughter so that he could enrol her in a Catholic school in Pasadena, California.

The FBI eventually tracked down Berchtold and took him in for questioning. After being arrested for insanity, he spent six months in a mental facility before being freed. Mary Ann Broberg, Broberg’s mom, wrote a book about it called “Stolen Innocence: The Jan Broberg Story” in 2003, and it’s still for sale on

In 2017, Netflix released a documentary called “Abducted in Plain Sight” that told Broberg’s experience. After Berchtold claimed it was part of church-approved treatment, Broberg’s parents “let Berchtold to lie in Jan’s bed four times a week for six months right up until she was removed,” as reported by Reveille. The site also claims, “both parents also participated in sexual encounters with Berchtold.”

According to the site’s reporting, Berchtold abused the girl and led her to believe that she was half alien. After the Netflix documentary sparked a wave of backlash against Broberg’s parents, she spoke out in their defence.

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Many people don’t understand the difference between manipulation and grooming. My whole family was attacked, but thankfully my parents were able to rescue me. People like them are the most courageous I know because they’re prepared to risk rejection in order to attempt to make the rest of you see what they missed. The only reason we shared our tale for any other purpose,” she tweeted.

Broberg uses the Twitter handle @actorproducermomsurvivor to describe what she does. The impending Peacock exhibit has been the subject of her writing. Actress is what Broberg does, according to her IMDb page. In the United States of America on July 31, 1962, Jan Broberg was born.

Robert Berchtold Wikipedia
Robert Berchtold Wikipedia
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