Sam Kinison Cause Of Death

Sam Kinison Cause Of Death: Samuel Burl Kinison was an American comedian and actor who appeared on stage and screen from 1953 until his death on April 10, 1992. Standup performances by the former Pentecostal preacher were known for their unexpected outbursts accentuated by his characteristic scream, much like charismatic preachers’ sermons.

Sam Kinison Cause Of Death
Sam Kinison Cause Of Death

In the beginning, Kinison performed for free at The Comedy Store, where he met and befriended Robin Williams and Jim Carrey, among others. Comedian Jim Kinison’s comedy was known for its crude observations on women and dating, which led to his being featured on The Tonight Show, Late Night with David Letterman and Saturday Night Live.

Kinison died in an automobile accident while his career was at its pinnacle. “Wild Thing” from Kinison’s Have You Seen Me Lately? album garnered a Grammy nomination in 1988 and a posthumous award for Best Spoken Comedy Album, Live from Hell, in 1994.

Early life

Samuel Burl Kinison was born on December 8, 1953, in Yakima, Washington, the son of a Pentecostal preacher and his wife, Marie Florence. Kinison was only three months old when the family relocated to East Peoria, Illinois. Kinison had brain injury when he was three years old after being struck by a vehicle.

Pastoring various churches around the nation on little salaries was his father’s job. Kevin was Kinison’s youngest brother, with two elder brothers named Richard and Bill. When Kinison was 11, his parents split, and his brother Bill moved in with their father, but Kinison remained with the rest of the family, despite his protests to the contrary.

This, according to Bill, was the source of much of Sam’s rage. Kinison went on to attend East Peoria Community High School in East Peoria after high school. Kinison and his brothers became Pentecostal preachers like their father.

The Pinecrest Bible Training Center in Salisbury Center, New York, was an interdenominational, unaccredited, three-year bible school that Kinison studied between 1968 and 1969. She married another pastor and settled in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kinison remained there for some time before moving back to Texas.

Sam Kinison Cause Of Death
Sam Kinison Cause Of Death

Records of his sermons suggest that his sermons were peppered with shouting, comparable to the yells employed in his standup performances, between the ages of 17 and 24. The fact that he had little stage presence and was not particularly effective at getting money from preaching, according to his brother Bill, was ironic. As a result of the divorce from his first marriage, Kinison decided to take up comedy.


In Houston, Texas, Kinison got his start in modest bars. With Bill Hicks and Ron Shock and Riley Barber and Steve Epstein and Andy Huggins and John Farneti he formed the Texas Outlaw Comics at the Comedy Workshop.

He was the first man I ever saw walk on stage and not in any way seek the audience to like him,” Hicks said of Kinison’s effect on his own comic approach. After moving to Los Angeles in search of employment at The Comedy Store in 1980, Kinison was first hired as a doorman.

He became addicted to cocaine and alcohol, eventually freebasing the drug, and was unable to break into the industry until his brother Bill relocated to Los Angeles to assist him. At the end of August 1985, he got his big break on the Rodney Dangerfield Special for the Ninth Annual Young Comedians for HBO.

Stephen Holden, a New York Times critic, praised Bob Nelson’s performance “The most intriguing of the remaining eight comics is Sam Kinison, a vicious sexist. Kinison is known for his horrific animalist howl, which has been compared to the primordial scream of a married man in its grotesqueness.” In 1986, Kinison appeared in Back to School, a film by Rodney Dangerfield.

Sam Kinison Cause Of Death

Letterman cautioned his audience before introducing Kinison to the world on Late Night with David Letterman in 1985 “Prepare for the worst. There is no way I’m exaggerating. Salutations to Sam Kinison.”

Using his previous career as an evangelist, Kinison took sarcastic and sacrilegious digs at the Bible, Christianity, and renowned Christian evangelist scandals of his day. With his risk-taking comedic style, Kinison rose to fame quickly.

The words “EX REV” may be seen on his 1986 Corvette’s customised licence plate in various films of his stand-up acts. He was often backed by a travelling band when he performed in Los Angeles. For a while (2008), radio host Howard Stern said that HBO planned to feature Brother Sam, which would star Dan Fogler as Kinison’s brother.

During an interview with Bill Kinison, Sam’s brother and manager, Bill spoke about Sam’s pending film projects, including one with Arnold Schwarzenegger and one with Rick Moranis.

Private sphere of existence

During his first two marriages, to Patricia Adkins (1975–1980) and Terry Marze (1981–1989), Kinison obtained most of his material. Toward the conclusion of his marriage to Marze, he started a relationship with Malika Souiri, a dancer. In 1990, Souiri said she was raped by a bodyguard hired by Kinison while Kinison was sleeping in the residence.

The ensuing trial ended in a stalemate, and the accusations against the bodyguard were withdrawn because the bodyguard testified that the intercourse was consensual. Six days before Kinison’s death, he married Souiri at Las Vegas’ Candlelight Chapel.

Sam Kinison Cause Of Death
Sam Kinison Cause Of Death

On April 10, they flew back to Los Angeles from Hawaii to prepare for a gig at the Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada. For allegedly defaming her in his 1995 book Brother Sam: The Short and Spectacular Life of Sam Kinison, Souiri sued Kinison’s brother Bill in 2009.

This past February, it was revealed by the Toronto Sun that Kinison had a kid with Carl LaBove’s wife, who had been paying child support for the girl for almost a decade. Kinison’s brother Bill’s DNA testing suggest a 99.8% chance that Kinison is the father of the nameless lady, according to LaBove’s court documents.


As a tribute to Kinison, comedian George Carlin titled his eighth HBO stand-up special Jammin’ in New York after him. This show is for SAM appeared on the screen at the start of the programme. Friends and co-stars recalled Kinison lovingly after his demise.

I’ve heard that after Sam’s accident, he got out of the vehicle, looked up to the sky, and murmured, “I don’t want to die,” before saying, “Oh, alright,” and laying down to succumb to his injuries and passing away.

In spite of the fact that it’s unlikely to sit well with many of my supporters, I think there is a greater force at work. I know where Sam Kinison is, even if other people don’t. He’s on the second floor, right close to God.

A Tribute to Sam Kinison broadcast on FOX on May 23, 1993. Comedians including Robin Williams, Rodney Dangerfield and Jim Carrey performed stand-up comedy routines in the show.

A probable dramatic film adaptation of Bill Kinison and Steve Delsohn’s biography Brother Sam: The Short, Spectacular Life of Sam Kinison, written by Sam’s brother Bill Kinison, was announced in several press releases between 2008 and 2013.

Sam Kinison Cause Of Death


Sam Kinison Cause Of Death: Troy Pierson, 17, was driving a pickup truck north of Interstate 40 (Exit 141) and about 4.3 miles (6.6 kilometres) northwest of Needles, California, when his 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am[25] hit Kinison head-on on Needles Highway (34.896180 N, 114.644944 W).

Pierson had been consuming alcohol before to the incident. Kinison’s lane was taken over by a pickup truck that had crossed the middle line of the road while attempting to overtake another car. A sold-out event at the Riverside Casino awaited Kinison and his wife in Laughlin, Nevada.

After Kinison’s automobile was involved in an accident, he was discovered unconscious between the seats. His seat belt was not fastened. According to his brother, his head struck the windshield and he was declared dead at the site.

When he died, he was 38. Even though he and his wife were both hurt in the accident, they both healed after being sent to a hospital in Needles for treatment right afterwards. An autopsy revealed that Kinison died within minutes of the collision due to various traumatic injuries, including a cervical spine dislocation, a torn aorta, and ruptured blood vessels in his abdominal cavity.

Pierson pleaded guilty to one count of gross negligence vehicular manslaughter. In addition to the community service, he was sentenced to a year of probation and 300 hours of unpaid work. In connection with the accident, Pierson’s licence was also suspended for two years.

Memorial Park Cemetery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, served as the last resting place for Kinison. The sentence “In another time and place he would have been hailed prophet” is etched on his headstone.

Sam Kinison Cause Of Death
Sam Kinison Cause Of Death

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