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Tanja Pavel Traueranzeige

Tanja Pavel Traueranzeige

Tanja Pavel Traueranzeige
Tanja Pavel Traueranzeige

Tanja Pavel Traueranzeige: Tanja Pavel, a member of the St. Wendel state parliament, died after a heart attack early Sunday morning. Everyone was taken by surprise when she died. She had not yet celebrated her 50th birthday at the time. The news of the catastrophe has left everyone reeling in the family and friends. In the near future, she will be separating from her family, which includes her husband and four children.

Tanja Pavel served as a municipal councilor and the second vice chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) chapter in St. Wendel during her tenure there. As soon as she was proclaimed the victor of her first election to the Saarland state parliament on March 27, 2022, she promptly assumed the duties of her new position.

In her new role as an elected official, she hoped to have a good impact on the world via her hard work. By and large, she was regarded in high regard by members of both her own party and those from other parties. They regarded her as a valued member of the party. Many of them used social media to share heartfelt farewell messages with one another.

“He’s a great guy. Inside and out, he’s a wonderful guy. A politician who is unwavering in her dedication to her cause. A love interest. To me, she will always be more than just a name “Udo Recktenwald, the district administrator , confirmed this. It was a lovely pleasure to be out and about with Tanja Pavel over the previous two days, since she had qualities like genuineness, persuasion, and kindness.

What’s the current situation? found nothing but emptiness and misery in the room.When Nadine Schön, a member of the Bundestag, found out about Tanja Pavel’s death, she shared a few details about her colleague. intrigued about the extra responsibilities that come with being a member of the state legislature; attentive; interested in other people; committed to the CDU.

Enthusiastic about their nation; “I’ll be thinking about you a lot,” Schon says. “Please accept my sincerest apologies.” Thorsten Lang and Interior Minister Reinhold Jost were stunned by the sudden demise. As Jost lamented, “our dear colleague Tanja Pavel departed absolutely suddenly yesterday.

As Chair of the Committee on Internal Affairs, we had the chance to come to know her as a highly brilliant and tremendously driven MEP. It has been a joy to work with her because of her approachable and open-minded demeanor. We have lost a loved one and our hearts are broken as a consequence of her death.

Friends and relatives of the deceased are in our thoughts and prayers. Please accept our apologies and condolences for the inconvenience.St. Wendel CDU State Chairman Andreas Leyerle: “When we learned of the sudden departure of our close friend Tanja, we sank when we got the news.

At gatherings, we’ll miss having a committed, energetic, and helpful sidekick, but we “ll miss much more a likable individual who is kind, understanding, and constantly listening. The loss of the mother has left a void in the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with their children and their spouse at this terrible time.

Tanja Pavel Traueranzeige

Everyone is stunned by the news of Tanja’s death. We’ll miss you, and we’ll never forget you.”Among Tanja Pavel’s new colleagues in the state parliament are SPD members Réka Klein and Nadja Schindelhauer. In spite of the fact that we haven’t been there yet, we already know how kind and approachable you are since we’ve worked together for a long time.

Your life will no longer be a part of anybody else’s, starting that very instant. It was a shame to see our colleague from St. Wendel go, since she was a great asset to our team. She had to play both mother and daughter, which was a shame. To Tanja Pavel’s loved ones, we express our deepest sympathies and best wishes for strength and fortitude as they cope with the tragedy that has befallen them.

Numerous people, including politicians, ordinary citizens, friends and family members, came together to say goodbye to Tanja Pavel. Tributes are pouring in for her as a mother, wife, politician/community leader, and friend.Pavel, a CDU MEP in the European Parliament, passed away suddenly on Sunday night.

He was just 42 years old. The St. Wendel CDU district association issued a statement on this issue. In March’s state elections, the 50-year-old candidate, who is connected to the CDU, made his political debut. First time he tried to be elected.In the recent past, Tanja Pavel, a state parliamentarian and CDU member, died away.

According to the St. Wendel CDU district organization, the fifty-year-old man died “totally unexpectedly and abruptly” on Sunday evening.According to Alexander Zeyer, head of the CDU district committee, she has been thinking about and will continue to think about her family. It was pointed out to him that her family is presently the focus of her attention. A substantial amount of shock and sorrow would be felt by those impacted.

A fantastic friend, Tanja always cared about the people she was close to. For all of these reasons, as well as the fact that she was such a wonderful person, we shall miss her tremendously. The loss of her is felt by many.Toscani, CDU parliamentary group head, described the news as “awful” and “shocking,” respectively.

Since she’s a compassionate person, she’s been able to build a solid reputation in the medical field thanks to her friendly, outgoing, and unwavering approach.”Changes have occurred just since the March state legislative elections.

This is the first time that the 50-year-old woman has been elected to the state legislature. Previously, she served as a member of the Judiciary and Home Affairs Committees. She also served as the president of the St. Wendel CDU city association.

Tanja Pavel Traueranzeige
Tanja Pavel Traueranzeige

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